1. The FriendlyCare Carepoints Membership is issued by and remains the property of FriendlyCare Management ACN 34 094 617 512

2. Application for participation in the FriendlyCare Carepoints Membership, and use of your Member Card, is deemed acceptance of the FriendlyCare Points Membership Terms and Conditions.

3. Participants in the FriendlyCare Carepoints Membership must be aged 16 years or over and have a current Australian residential address.

4. To retain membership of the FriendlyCare Carepoints Membership, customers must use their Member Card at least once every 12 months.

5. One (1) CarePoint is earned for every $1 spent on purchases in participating FriendlyCare Pharmacies in-store or online at the FriendlyCare Pharmacy website Points are accumulated based on whole dollars spent, inclusive of GST.

6. Points can be earned on all purchases made excluding prescriptions, catalogue promotions, NDSS products or other legally restricted items and certain online items as specified on the FriendlyCare website from time to time.

7. FriendlyCare Pharmacy may also offer additional points from time to time during special promotions on selected products or services.

8. For in-store purchases, the Member Card must be shown at point of purchase before the transaction has been completed to earn Carepoints. To earn Carepoints on online purchases, you must be signed-in to your FriendlyCare Pharmacy member account online prior to checking out.

9. Points cannot be claimed retrospectively.

10. The FriendlyCare Pharmacy Member Card can be used at all FriendlyCare Pharmacies.

11. In the event of a refund, any Carepoints earned for the original transaction will be retained. If the original purchase was made using Carepoints, those Carepoints will not be refunded or returned.

12. If your FriendlyCare Member Card is not used within 12 months, all points will be voided.

13. Every 200 Carepoints the customer earns is eligible for conversion into a $10 discounts (voucher) at point of sale (including check out online), at next transaction date. The customer can also choose to accrue Carepoints over time, but discounts are available in $10 discount (voucher) increments.

14. Customers can check their Carepoints status online via their online FriendlyCare Pharmacy Member account or check the Loyalty Points Balance on their latest receipt.

15. The $10 discounts (vouchers) are not redeemable for cash.

16. Carepoints are non-transferrable.

17. FriendlyCare Pharmacy reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these FriendlyCare Carepoints Terms and Conditions, and any benefits under the Carepoints program at any time at their discretion.

18. FriendlyCare Pharmacy will give at least 21 days' advance notice of any such change, suspension or termination of these Terms and Conditions, and any benefits under the FriendlyCare Carepoints program on the FriendlyCare website, allowing you to cancel your FriendlyCare Carepoints membership within the period of that advance notice.

19. Where we change the FriendlyCare Carepoints Terms and Conditions, the FriendlyCare Carepoints program, or any benefits under the FriendlyCare Carepoints program, details of the changes and an updated copy of the terms and conditions will be available on our website. Continuing to use your Member Card after the period of advance notice has expired will be deemed acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.

20. FriendlyCare Pharmacy reserves the right, at any time without notice, on reasonable grounds, to:

– Decline to issue a Member Card or withdraw or cancel Member Cards as per the UFS Friendly Society Ltd. or FriendlyCare Friendly Society Ltd and Ayr Friendly Society Ltd. Constitutions

– Terminate a cardholder’s membership in the FriendlyCare Carepoints program

21. Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include any of the following:

– Abuse or attempted abuse of the Member Card or the FriendlyCare Carepoints program;

– Use or attempted use of a Member Card in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions;

– Use or attempted use of a Member Card for purchases made by a person other than the Cardholder; and

– Reasonable suspicion of dishonesty of a cardholder in connection with the FriendlyCare Carepoints program.

22. FriendlyCare Pharmacy is not liable for:

– Any delay in replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged Member Card

– The suspension and/or termination of the FriendlyCare Carepoints program.

23. If your Member Card is lost, stolen, or damaged please request a new card from your local FriendlyCare Pharmacy

24. Tampering or defacing or unauthorised use of a Member Card will render the Member Card invalid.

25. You may cancel your membership of the FriendlyCare Carepoints program at the Pharmacy which issued your Member Card. If a Member Card is cancelled any Carepoints or other benefits not already redeemed by the cardholder will be forfeited automatically.